Get trusted clinical answers, fast
Lumos is an AI powered search tool for doctors that gives direct answers to clinical questions, using trustworthy sources. It integrates directly into wherever you're already searching, so you get the fastest answers with no extra effort.
Browser Extension
The Lumos Extension for Google Chrome augments your searches on Google, Uptodate and Scholar, highlighting sources you can trust and adding direct answers and relevant diagrams to your clinical queries.
Mobile App
(Coming Soon)
Search on the go across all your trusted clinical sources for quick and direct answers
Empowering doctors in making confident decisions, quickly.
Cut through the clutter - Lumos shows you expert sources you already trust.
For Experts
Lumos is designed and optimized just for doctors.
Lumos understands your queries and directly answers them.
Guidelines, drug facts, journals. Lumos looks everywhere so you don't have to.
Doctors Love Us
"Lumos is the ultimate medical search engine. No more sifting through patient-centered resources to find the information that providers need. I use it mostly on the wards or in clinic to review high-yield information regarding my patients. The app makes searching fast, but the information is still reliable."
Andre A, Duke Med
"Lumos is an excellent tool for quickly finding the correct answer to a clinical query, especially during demanding rotations."
Victor C, Penn Medicine
How it works

Lumos uses the latest in Natural Language understanding to read and understand all medical knowledge that is created, and stays on top of new developments so you don't have to read everything. When you search for something, Lumos understands what you are looking for and provides a direct answer snippet, along with a resource you can cite.

About Us

Lumos is a based out of San Francisco. Our mission is to make trustworthy knowledge easy to find and reference. The team has previously been at Google Search, Alphabet’s Calico Labs and Facebook.

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